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WomansMove_Une©Jeremy Philippe_8.jpg

Concept - Iona D'Annunzio and Nicolas Senjaric

Choreography - Iona D'Annunzio

Performance Margaux Monetti -  Iona D'Annunzio

Music - Nicolas Senjaric


Performances :

-  5 June 2021 at 6PM and 8PM at Agence UNE - Geneva - Festival Électron 2021

Afterwork (2021)


For its 2021 edition, Festival Electron offers a "cultural blind date" to its audience. A matching test creates a custom programme for each participant and guides them to one of the 24 live performances within the festival.

Woman's Move presents a performance mixing live music and dance within the Agence UNE facilities. Nicola Senjaric welcomes the audience and starts his set, while two "employees" are still inside the building. As the concert goes on, bodies join the music for a journey between sounds and movements.


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