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Choreography - Iona D'Annunzio

Interpretation - Sophie Ammann, Elsa Couvreur, Cédric Fadel Hattab, Margaux Monetti, Mathieu Parola, Noëlle Quillet.

Music - Nicolas Senjaric

Graphic design - Varvara Vedia

Assitante project - Carole Christe

Partners - Département des activités culturelles de l'Université de Genève.

Subsides- Ville de Genève, Ville de Carouge, Loterie Romande, Fondation Emilie Gourd.


Performances :

-  21st of November 2018 - Uni Mail, Genève

- 26th of November 2018 - Uni Mail, Genève

- 4th to the 8th of March - Université de Genève

- 4 May - La Danse du Bunker, Fête de la Danse, Geneva

- 21 June - Scène Danse, Fête de la Musique, Geneva

Logo_Soutenu par ville Carouge.jpg

Gender Cubicles (2018)



Three 10-minute scenes to deconstruct gender stereotypes and introduce new options.


Gender Cubicles is a performance designed specifically for the building of Uni Mail. In this dynamic triptych, six dancers are confronted to a game made of sly instructions. Faced with the possibilities and constraints that appear, should they keep on playing, give up or change the rules?

"An interlude that takes you by surprise, a great deal of energy that boosts your day, a captivating break that subtly
invites a reflection on the world and on oneself. The dance and the music alike are extremely current,this
performance makes you wonder about the place of your own body and gestures and, above all, challenges gender
norms in today's society." (Translated by us)



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