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Make Up Project (2013)


‘Make Up Project’ is rooted in the will of three dancers to question their personal definition of femininity and to transpose it into movements onto another one's body.

Such as a video clip, three solos follow each other to the rhythm of their respective music.

Through one of the most stereotypical accessories, shoes, ‘Make Up Project’ questions the often contradictory codes which define a ‘woman being’.



Choreography and interpretation - Elsa Couvreur, Iona D'Annunzio, Margaux Monetti.


Music - Air Conditionné - Julian Jeiwell, Fatt Manual et Puma de noël - Herrmutt Lobby, Beat Box - Art of Noise.


Duration - 15min


​Performances :

- 21 June 2013 at Fête de la musique, scéne danse, Geneva.

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