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PATIENCE takes a mischievous look at the reduction in our attention span caused by internet and telephone use. The stage becomes a screen where a succession of posts, ads, articles and videos appear, in an absurd demonstration of the time we can sometimes waste in front of our smartphones.

Challenging itself to be more captivating than your phone screen for an hour, PATIENCE bombards the audience to the point of exhaustion. Somewhere between laughter and annoyance, PATIENCE is a reflection of what social networks, instant messaging and search engines inflict on us every day.

Are we still able to wait, or have we lost our patience for good?


Concept and choreography - Elsa Couvreur and the performers

Performance -Sophie Ammann, Iona D'Annunzio, Cédric Fadel Hattab, Anaïs Glérant Margaux Monetti, Mathieu Parola and Pauline Raineri

Composition - Nicolas Senjaric and Elsa Couvreur

Text - Elsa Couvreur and the performers

Light creation - Charlotte Curchod and Laurent Schaer

Funding - Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande,  Ville de Carouge, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Fondation des Artistes interprètes SIS, Fonds Mécénat SIG.

Rehearsal studios - Atelier5, Comédie de Genève


Performances :

- 4 au 7 octobre 2023, Théâtre de L'Etincelle - Genève

"It's rare to see shows that blend the arts so seamlessly. It's as if language doesn't have the final say this time. The dancers' bodies carry their hopes and doubts, conveying their humour and grace through them."

La Pépinière

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